Discover the Colourful World of Our LomoAmigos Frittenbude

In their song “Hildegard,” the German band ‘Frittenbude’ is singing about a world which should be designed more colourful. Jakob, responsible for bass and beats, invites us to step into a world full of coloured Lomographs. Read more…

From left to right: Martin, Johannes & Jakob. Photo via Frittenbude

Frittenbude’s style of music is defined as something between punk and electro. Since their founding in 2006 (during a car-drive towards Passau) the band developed into one of the most renowned bands of the Label Audiolith which is located in Hamburg. Just last March 11, their third album “Delfinarium” was released. Despite a stressful time just before the album’s release and the start of their tour, Jakob found the time to answer some questions.

What combines Frittenbude and Lomography?
On our tour we often use an LC-A+. That’s why we shot a lot of pictures during this time. Many of these pictures can be found on the booklet of our new album “Delfinarium”. We have chosen one of those Lomographic pictures for the cover of our latest single “Wings”. I like the simple and reduced style, the little random mistakes, the surreal effects, the conscious simplicity and the kind of freshness. I think that a lot of these elements can be recognised in my music. I don’t retouch my pictures with photoshop and I kind of like the imperfectness. In general, analogue photography can be compared with my passion for vinyl.

The current single “Wings” Picture from: Frittenbude

Was it your first time shooting with an analogue camera? When did you come across Lomography for the first time?

The first time I came across Lomography was when I held a Diana F+ in my hands – Martin, our guitarist, gave it away for Christmas. I think it was 2008. Honestly, we all have only vague memories of our childhood and how analogue photography works. How to load a film? I always loved photography. I shot a lot of pictures with digital cameras and some cheap disposable cameras. Sometimes I even got some typical Lomo-effects. When I used the Diana for the first time and got the results of my shootings my passion for analogue photography came back. My hobby (music) is my profession and now I got a second one: photography!

You shot pictures with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Diana F+. Which camera do you like most?
I like the Diana F+, because the release button gives you a feeling for the length of exposure. In the beginning it was really difficult, but I always had fun! The 120 film looks really good. What I like most while shooting with the LC-A+ is that the camera is very compact and easy to handle. It’s the perfect camera for people on the go. In the meanwhile I bought a ringflash for coloured pictures. Cool item!

Did you follow the 10 Golden Rules?
No, but I like this rule: 10. Don’t worry about any rules.

Where did you take your pictures and who took which one?
The pictures you see were taken anywhere and were created by myself, except of the pictures with me (they were taken by my girlfriend). I take the best pictures when I’m out of my usual surrounding and when I’m looking for details that you miss in your daily routine.

Give us a soundtrack of 3 songs (title & artist please) for your pictures?

  • Bird Berlin – Dein Wildes Haar
  • Boulderdash – Casio Kid
  • Click Click Decker – Wer Erklärt Mir Wie Das Hier Funktioniert

Which pictures do you like most?

Tell us something about your hometown. Which places are worth to be seen and photographed?

I’m at home in Berlin but everyone lives here and I think it’s more interesting to tell something about the town where I grew up. In Geisenhausen lives a huge and proud bull. Unfortunately I never had the chance to take a picture of him. That’s why I had to send you some pictures of his friendly ladies: Brown with spots – real Bavarian cows. If you stay in the city for a while it is not unlikely to run across “Barfuß Peter” (Barefoot Peter), who always cycles half-naked on his recumbent bike. He’s a surfer guy with long hair and sun-tanned skin, who always is barefoot even in winter time.

Your tour starts in April und you will release your new album “Delfinarium”. Are you looking forward to go on tour and present your new album to live audience?

For 5 month we’re sitting in our studio now and working on our best album and the new live-performance. It was a very hard time with many ups and downs. Sometimes I thought about packing it all in and start being a woodman. But the next day I was full of motivation again. Now we finished our new work and are looking forward for the tour, where we can act like little children: We will celebrate and we will make music – Music people like listening to!

Do you have any tips for other Lomographers? Tell us about your Lomographic wisdom!
Spend more money on your film development, examine your negatives and scan only those ones you like.

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