Crackle And Pop: Colored Vinyl Records (Part I - Monochrome)


Vinyl records come in as many varied colors and patterns as the lomographs we take. Therefore, every month I will be dedicating one article of my series to one or two colors and I will showcase vinyl records and lomographs related to that color. The first installment will be…Black and White! Read on to see some stunning lomographs and vinyl records!

Why would I dedicate the first article of a set of articles about color to black and white? In the lomographic community I’ve seen people discussing many times if it is easier to get good photos with B&W or colored film. Some say they think it is easier to achieve good results with B&W film because anything in balck and white looks good. Others say it is easier to achieve good results with colored film because you can rely mostly on color while with B/W film you have to pay more attention to composition. As a former art student there was an ongoing debate in my classes wether black and white were colors or not. Different theories from different points of view have resulted in different conclusions (you can read more about that here) but to me they are colors. Also, there seems to be a B&W theme going on this month in the Lomography site (could it be related to the upcoming new product launch? ) so I thought it would be timely.

For many many years whenever people have asked me what my favorite colors are I always say black. For me, there is something about black that screams classy and elegant and I think it is a beautiful all-occasions color. I remember almost 10 years ago when I was browsing through some vinyl records at a music store and my boyfriend at the time said “that record you are looking at is great” and without even thinking I replied “I know….and it’s black! So out of the ordinary and beautiful…”. I immediately realized my stupid mistake and he of course said “er…they are all black” and made fun of me for many months. Still, no matter how many regular black records I see or own they always seem out of the ordinary and beautiful to me, wether they are 7 inch records or LP’s:

However, I have to say I love different colored records more than the regular black ones and when linking vinyl record colors to the colors in photographs, in the case of B&W photos, I of course have to include not only black vinyl records but also the whole spectrum of white, different grey’s and clear records!

Not all lomographers and photographers like vinyl records but the ones who do now that vinyl record lovers and photographers have two things in common:

- Photographers love looking at photos of cameras and vinyl record lovers love looking at photos of vinyl records.
- Photographers love “showing off” their camera collection and vinyl record collectors love showing off their vinyl record collection.

So, on this first installment of "Colored Vinyl Records " I will be providing you vinyl record lovers with some gorgeous grey, white and clear eye candy taken from my own collection!

So without further ado, here they are:




And here are some of my favorite Black & White photos from the community:

photos by pretty_in_mad jean_louis_pujol acecaroline dogtanian ahiruchan i_am_four-eyes stezmatic molzography kleeblatt kingdjin flanflipflop dannyedwards ali55 catfordst ccontino bloomchen aprilrich427 bucharestlove22 hanibale wuxiong moodification tequ juznobsrvr rainbow_gumdrops natalieerachel soldatojocker jr-moon lyeheng artbiatch kiteflyin lamp emkei bkspicture wolkers angelhaken satomi

As a tribute to the soon to be gone Lomography X-Tungsten film next month’s colors will be…pink and purple! Do you have any pink and/or purple photographs on your Lomo Home that you would like to see featured here next month? Post the links in the comments below. Also if you have pink and/or purple vinyl records I would love to feature them also, so take some photos of them (they don’t have to be analogue) and write me a message, I’ll be looking forward to your submissions :)

Crackle And Pop is a weekly series written by Carlota, a Portuguese graphic designer and vinyl record lover and collector. It is aimed at everyone who can’t get enough of vinyl records and that wonderful crackling and popping sound old vinyl records make!

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  1. mikeydavies
    mikeydavies ·

    i have some cool coloured vinyl i may put up!

  2. stratski
    stratski ·

    Ooh, I love those clear ones!
    I'll start digging through the vinyl for some special editions as well. Meanwhile, here are my two favorite purple tungsten pics: and

  3. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    Great article, I really miss my Vinyl (left it in the UK when I moved to NZ). I had some good ones but nothing like your collection here. I had some alice in chains singles, blue, orange and green vinyl. For pinks check out these: and… then this or….

  4. lcf
    lcf ·

    This is it

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