Antwerpen, Belgium


Antwerpen, a beautiful city in the north of Belgium. Its a good place for any reason.

Antwerpen is the second more important city in Belgium. The city’s name comes from the legend of Brabo Silvio, whose statue can be seen in Grote Markt (Main Square). Legend has it that a giant called Druoon Antigoon inhabiting the river, charging a toll for ships wishing to pass. If a ship did not pay, the giant cut the hand of the captain and threw into the river Schelde . One day a Roman Centurion, tired, cut the giant’s hand and also launched. Hence the name of Antwerp (Antwerpen), Ant = HAND Werpen = THROW.

Its port, with about fifty kilometers from springs, is one of the largest in the European continent and is a platform for addressing the goods for both export and import to Belgium and other countries.

The center is filled with bars where you can enjoy, among many others, the beer in the city, De Koninck. Also, next to the cathedral in the street that runs along the left bar is the oldest in the city offering a letter of beer with more than 150 different varieties. Another interesting visit is the port area near the historic center where you can see different types of boats both transportation and recreation in a free exhibition in old warehouses.

Anyway, Antwerpen is a really nice place for whatever reason, eat, drink, take a little walk in the port or bask in the sun by the river.

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  1. day3hugger
    day3hugger ·

    cool shots, great film choice!

  2. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    My dream is that someday I'll be able to set foot into Antwerp and other European cities. For now, I'll be contented traveling online via viewing this album. Thanks for sharing. It fuels my enthusiasm to travel westward... someday.

  3. dogma
    dogma ·

    wow great location amigo!

  4. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    # 1 is a killershot!

  5. lomo_bernis
    lomo_bernis ·

    thanks to all for the comments ;)

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    Very nice ! I love N°9 !

  7. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Great pics!

  8. glenn
    glenn ·


  9. cheenweg
    cheenweg ·

    ik vind het echt geweldig dat er een winkel komt in Antwerpen! dan moet ik niet 2,5 uur rijden naar Amsterdam of online bestellen! echt zalig! (• ◡ •)'

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