Cloud 9 with the Pop9: Experimenting with the Lens


The Pop 9 is a great little camera which produces 9 identical images on one 35mm frame, and, as Lomography says, instantaneously transforms the environment around you into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art! But what happens if you would like to experiment with it a bit more to give you different results? Keep reading this tipster for a lens modification, giving you twice the fun!

The modification for the Pop9 camera involves covering up certain lens, shooting the roll, and then swapping the lenses that are covered and shooting the roll again. The good thing about this is it’s a non-permanent modification.

Credits: rosebud82

1. The first thing to do on this modification is to pick which lens you wish to cover up. For this roll example, the first time the roll was shot, all four corners and the middle lens were covered up, the second time the other four were covered up. To cover the lens, the best thing to do it to cut small sections of electrical tape, and place them over the lens, making sure the tape covers the whole lens, but doesn’t over lap onto the other lenses.

First Exposure:

The black squares indicate where the tape is placed.

2. A great tip when doing double exposures is to mark the film with the first frame. This means that when you go to shoot the second exposure, both exposures should line up! Use a permanent marker to mark either side of the first frame, and also mark with an arrow showing which way is up.

3. Go shooting and finish the roll. Shoot whatever you like; bright colours and neon signs work really well with the Pop9.

4. You need to be able to wind the film back with the leader still out so you can shoot over the film again. A tip to help you do this is to rewind the film with the camera close to your ear. You should hear a slight change in sound and you should also feel the tension go slack in the film. This should happen when the film has come off the take up spool but before it has rewound back into the cassette. This should ensure it doesn’t go all the way in.

5. Swap the lenses that are covered on the front of the camera.

Second Exposure:

6. Load the film back into the camera and shoot the second exposure. The second exposure could be shot again by yourself or you could swap the camera/film with another fellow lomographer. For this roll, the first exposure was done by another lomographer, the second exposure by myself. Ideally, shoot both exposures in similar light conditions, as this tends to give the overall picture the same sort of exposure. There will of course be times when one of the exposures doesn’t come out, but that is experimenting for you!

Credits: rosebud82

You may also get the odd photo where the subject matter is strangely similar.

Credits: rosebud82
Credits: rosebud82

You can try this out on any combinations of lenses covered: vertical, horizontal. or diagonal lines, just the middle one, the odd one, and many other variations. Go experiment now!

The Pop 9 takes nine identical images on one print. Transform your environment into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art with the Pop 9. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

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    I'm actually going to go buy a pop9 after reading this tipster! i did consider doing this nine times so i could get epic number of pictures on one film! haha but seemed overkill :P

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    Very clever! This changes my opinion on the pop9!

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