Lomo Recycle: Poker Chips Out Of Your Canisters' Caps!

You are with your friends in your house. After having dinner, someone says, “Hey, let’s play poker!” Everybody says “Yeah! Yeah!” Then someone asks you, “Do you have chips?” Oh no…you don’t. So you run in your room, and start thinking about how to save the night. Then, the perfect idea comes to your mind.

The canisters’ caps! You have tons of them! You’ve kept them, secretly hoping someday you could give them a new life, far away from the landfill. Finally, here’s your chance! The night is saved! Grey caps are perfect for this purpose, because you can write on them, but you can use even the other ones.

If you are more talented than me (ehem…) you can draw something on them, and even paint them in different colours.

Otherwise, if you’re not very good in poker, you can take 90 of them and use them to play bingo! But this may take a little more time for collecting caps. Let’s party all night!

Here are some ways that you can use the chips. Please note that the chips won’t be accepted in real casinos!

Credits: ankos & lucretia

written by attelid on 2012-04-13 #gear #tutorials #diy #chips #casino #tipster #recycle #poker #lomo #lomography #quickie-tipster #handicraft #canisters-cap

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