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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “We Will Welcome You to Japan!” by gocchin. He visited the Tohoku prefecture a year after heartbreaking tragedy and came back with beautiful photos and unwavering optimism and hope.

“Before visiting, I was going to take some photos at a stricken area. But I couldn’t do that. I felt that I should not take photos there because it was too sad for us to see. We’ve had many terrible photos and we don’t need to see sad photos anymore. I heard a local government say that they need 3 years to start recovery at least. Do you understand what this means?”

Photos by gocchin

“The damages are so bad and we have many other problems to deal with before recovery starts. But we cannot give up. Some courageous people who suffered have already built temporary shopping malls and small shops already. They lost their original shops, goods, tools, and even their colleagues in the tsunami, but they didn’t lose their strong spirits!”

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We picked this story by gocchin not only for the moving photos but because of the inspiring story as well. Despite everything that the country has been through, the Japanese are the first to show the world that you can bounce back from disasters, no matter how terrible they are or how hopeless you feel. You just need to stay positive!

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