The Mojomatics: The Future is Analogue (as a Lifestyle)


The Mojomatics are Matteo Bordin and Davide Zolli, a r’n’r band from Venice, Italy, who has been around for more than eight years now. Their passion for analogue is authentic: they own an analogue studio, where they record their albums, and they decided to use a Lomography camera for the cover of their new record, “You Are the Reason For My Troubles”, out on April 3rd.

When we discovered they wanted to use a Diana F+ for the cover pictures of their new album, we could not resist to contact them. Please allow us to introduce our new LomoAmigos!

Please, tell us a bit about you. Who are you?
We are the Mojomatics, a rock and roll band with two members only: guitar and drums. Our music is inspired by ‘60 r’n’r, garage-blues and country-folk.

Which are your projects now?
We just released our new album “You Are The Reason For My Troubles” recorded at our analogue studio, the Outside Inside Studio.
We have also founded a new record label, the Ouside Inside Records, linked to the studio as it was usual in the past: Chess, Sun, Stax, Motown, etc.. they all had their recording studio, which worked as a trademark for them. Outside Inside Records tries to follow this path: we just started but we like challenges!
We are also promoting our new record with a tour, first in Italy and then all over Europe.

Analogue Recording Studio? This seems to promote our motto “The future is analogue”! Why this choice?
Analogue recording matches perfectly with our music: it better gets the essence of sounds, more and more threatened by the modern digital productions. For us, analogue is not just something “vintage”, but rather a pure sound that better portrays the pure music, without distorting it. We totally share your motto “The future is analogue”: it is something in which we truly believe since we started playing 9 years ago.

How did your adventure with Lomography begin?
We do own a Diana F+ since a while now, we often carry it with us on tour, we love the idea of a plastic toy-camera that captures lo-fi, dreamy images.

And you decided to use this very same Diana to shoot the pictures for the cover of your new album. Why this camera?
We have opted for the Diana F+ because, besides being the only Lomography camera that we own, we wanted a cover picture that could perfectly match with the idea behind this record and the recording stage in general. We wanted to make it clear that we support analogue in any of its expressions!

We wanted you to experiment with another camera, so we gave you a Diana Mini. How did it go?
Very well, especially because this camera has a flash, which allowed us to take pictures in interiors.

I have noticed you love Black&White pictures, from the choice of the cover, to the shots with the Diana Mini, coupled with our Earl Grey films. Can you tell us something about this passion?
We love B&W because it conveys a dramatic, retro style to the images. A nice picture in black and white really makes the difference.

Suggestions for those who just started to use the Diana Mini?
As for all Lomography cameras, you don’t have to think too much. Just shoot and have fun, you will be surprised by the awesome results!

Last question: if your pictures had a soundtrack, which three songs would you choose for them?
Bob Dylan – Love Minus Zero
The Kinks – Strangers
Abner Jay – Don’t Mess With My Baby

Thanks to the Mojomatics!

Enjoy “Behind the Trees”, from their brand new album “You are The Reason For my Troubles”.

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