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It’s time to choose another Tipster of the week! This time, we’re giving props to someone who gave us some lovely tips and shared some fun photos using the Spinner 360. Find out more after the break.

Credits: russheath

The Spinner 360 is indeed a camera that can produce amazing results. But with the help of some tips, you can still improve the outcome of your photos using this cool camera! Thanks to the author of our Tipster of the Week, we don’t have to look very far to get some helpful hints.

“If you forced me to choose just one camera to sum up my Lomographic experience (please don’t!), then it would be my amazing Spinner 360. This little beauty has been all over with me, and over and over again it produces some of my absolute favorite photos. For those of you new to this crazy beast, here are a few simple tips I’ve learned along the way.”

This week’s terrific Tipster article goes to russheath! Congratulations, you get 10 Piggies! Read the full article: Take These Tips for a Spin!

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    Thanks very much!!

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    Congrats @russheath

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