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Hey, it’s April and it’s time to celebrate perpetual pinholes in the world of photography! We came across a special camera obscura movie project,, and we interviewed its brainchildren. Read more and learn about their awesome film. — an experimental visual project using a primitive technique: The Camera Obscura. Applied to an original scale, the project is based on projection from the outside to the inside. Two layers are merging while the landscapes takes place in the interior’s intimacy. (via

Photo from’ GHAT, a pinhole movie project is a project by cameramen-photographers Antoine Levi and Romain Alary. They are cousins and has lead many film and photography projects together based on mixed motions. Antoine tells us how he and Romain came up with the idea of and who inspired them to start the project.

“We are interested on using antique technics on digital supports. In 2008, we spent 1 year travelling from Paris to Tokyo. We captured lots of pictures and films with cameras like the Lomo LC-A, Leica or 5d. In Pushkar, India, we rented a room in a ancient Palace, over a sacred Lake. It was a tiny blue square with a double bed only. In the window pane, there was a tiny hole. We woke up one morning, and we just saw some moving forms on the ceiling. Our project was born.”

They were also inspired by Abelardo Morell’s pinhole photography. “He helped us to imagine how we can turn this room into a nice pinhole project,” Antoine added.

Photos from’ GHAT, a pinhole movie project

“It was a hard work to capture these first pictures and assemble them. We spent 3 days in the dark and finally got our first pinhole movie! It has been projected in 4k in La Cinémathèque Français, Paris for an awards night. We were so happy to show “Ghat” in Paris, while travelling. It took us 3 years to find a new occasion to shoot a pinhole movie again but that’s another story…"

Antoine Levi is working as Architecture Photographer in his own agency: 11h45. Romain Alary is working as freelance cameraman for cinéma and for internet medias like Vice, The Creator’s Project, et cetera. For more information on, you may visit their website.

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    The Paris video is also amazing!!!

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    This is almost unbelievable... very beautiful.

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