Traffic Lights: A Sartorial Project in Hong Kong

Discover the fashions of this well-dressed city from the vantage point of traffic lights during the city’s peak hour. Nothing stops people dead in their tracks better than a red light at a busy junction, which coincidentally creates great photographic opportunities.

Credits: izadrazi

I dare say Hong Kong has some of the most fashionable citizens in the world. Perhaps its the cool 18 deg post-winter temperature that necessitates sartorial layering, but the Hong Kong locals do it with simple ease as opposed to pretentious Singaporeans in December (yours truly, especially).

Credits: izadrazi

This series of photos were part of an impromptu idea I had while on holiday in the aforementioned fashion-forward city. I planted myself at the busiest traffic junction on Granville Road (arguably the most fashionable street in Tsim Sha Tsui), and shot distinctively well-dressed individuals before, during, and after they crossed the road.

Credits: izadrazi

And the best part about shooting from traffic lights? I didn’t have to stop anyone to ask if I could take a photo. The red light already did that for me.

written by izadrazi on 2012-04-04 #places #people #street #fashion #traffic #location #city #urban-adventures #menswear #sartorial #dresscode


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