Exploring Workshops on Camera-Less Techniques at the Scottish National Gallery

The Scottish National Gallery is known for running photography classes and putting on excellent photography exhibitions and its new workshops may be of particular interest to all you Lomo-lovers out there as they look at camera-less techniques exploring pinhole cameras, cyanotypes, developing your own negatives, and light painting.

Scottish National Gallery

Over the next two months, The Scottish National Gallery is hosting a number of classes for budding photographers covering aspects of photography such as its history and its relationship with Romanticism; perhaps the most exciting workshop however is one being run by photographer Luke Watson on camera-less techniques.

Examples of Pinhole Cyanotypes via Alternative Photography

These classes are looking at a number of things from liquid light to cyanotypes and includes two Lomo favorites:

Example of a Pinhole Camera via Alternative Photography

  • Light Painting – The art of using an external light source to “paint” or draw streaks of light in front of a camera’s lens. During a long exposure, film will capture uninterrupted streaks as one continuous line of light, which can be used to make luminous scenes or words appear on film.


  • Pinhole Cameras – A camera which bears (instead of a lens) a tiny hole through which light can reach film and create an image. Because the aperture of a pinhole camera is so small, it creates an image in which everything in front of the camera is sharp. Pinhole photographs need a long exposure time!

(Definitions taken from The Lomography Analogue Photoglossary)

The class is running on six different dates starting on the 20th of April with tickets being at £15, more information can be found at the National Galleries website

If you’re not in Scotland or can’t make it to these classes, then check out some great tipsters on light painting and pinhole cameras such as these:

Spinner Sprocket Rocket Light Painting

The Ultimate Guide to Create Your Own 35mm Pinhole Camera

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