Super Selfies: Marieta's Vice


I love taking photographs and I have the problem that I like to be in photos so much… the solution: Selfties. I love them! Alone, with another person, doble shoots, there I am. I can’t finish a film whitout being in it. It’s a vice!

First, I present my favorite ‘selfy’. It was a photo taken in July 17, 2011 and it was made in an special day. Here I am with my boyfriend Luis and it was our aniversary. One of my first films with my Diana Mini and the first analogue selfie that we did together. Because of all this, I am very fond of this photo.

The second photo on my list of selfies, I am accompanied by my niece. Why is it special? Because it’s with her and I remember her surprised face when she saw the photo… we appear three times!

The next one is one of my recent photos. I was probed to do double-shoots and I took a photo of a monument in my town, and later did a photo without advancing the film to see what would happen. I look ugly without teeth and really, the mix is not my favourite but it’s one of the photos that makes me laugh. Here it is.

Finally, here are some selfies that you can find on you LomoHome.

Long live the selfies! Lomo on!

written by marieta on 2012-04-17 #lifestyle #35mm #cross-processing #diana-mini #selfies #super-selfies
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