Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Sarawak #2: shah_zurain


This month, let’s go across South China Sea and hit the shore of East Malaysia! We are going to feature some of our most active community members located in Sarawak! Today, let’s explore the biggest state of Malaysia together with shah_zurain!

Photo by shah_zurain

Name: Mohd. Shah Zur’ain Bin Sesco
Occupation: Student
City/Country: Kuching, Sarawak
LomoHome: shah_zurain
LomoAge: 3

Hello, tell us a bit about yourself and your Lomographic journey.
Hello! I’m a big sized guy. I used to use film cameras before, but I became more active right after joining the community that enjoys shooting with analogue cameras too. I started analogue photography in the end of 2009 and my first camera was a Holga. I really love the vignette effects that Holga brings. Then I brought other cameras that have a vignette effect, such as Ultra Wide Slim, Sprocket Rocket, and LC-A. I still remember I met a friend using the Diana Mini and I learned about the Lomography website from him.

Are you part of any local community and since when have you been active in the community?
I’m one of the LomoHunter community members. In early 2010, LomoHunter took part in the event ‘Pusat Seni Setempat’. That event was held every month at Kuching Waterfront. LomoHunter set up a booth there and showcased some Lomography cameras to the public. There were Q&A sessions with the people who pass by the booth and those who are interested in Lomography. Since then, I have been active with this community.

Did you join any outings, workshops, and events organized by this community?
Yes. I joined almost every outing or event organized by the LomoHunter.

Do you enjoy shooting alone or do you prefer shooting together with the community?
I prefer shooting with the community. By shooting with a bunch of people, we can easily share tips and tricks!

Photo by shah_zurain

Were you born Sarawakian and which part of Sarawak do you stay?
I was born and I study at Kuching, Sarawak.

Tell us what do you love the most about Sarawak?
The classic and historical buildings, great local food, different ethnicities, special dances and music, and so much more.

What is the food you love the most in Sarawak?
I would recommended Laksa Sarawak, Mi Kolok, Ayam Pansuh (chicken cooked in bamboo), Ikan Terubok Masin, special Ice Kacang, Kek Lapis and so much more.

Where would you bring your friends to go when they visit you at Sarawak?
Kuching waterfront, main bazaar, carpenter street, pasar satok, swee kang ice kacang.

Where do you develop your film at Sarawak? Do you have any other recommendations and what is the price and any other specific notes?
Usually I develop my films at Apollo Color Lab near Sarawak Old Court. That’s the only lab that provides cross-processing. It costs RM15 that includes developing and scanning to CD. More saving? Do bring along a pendrive to save the pictures.

Show us your favorite photo in your collection and why?
I like this the most because I want to take a picture on the light trail but ended up capturing myself on the window reflection. The 10 golden rules of Lomography are awesome; “You don’t have to know beforehand what you’ve captured” and “Afterwards either”.

Photo by shah_zurain

Thanks for your time and recommendation! Before we wrap things up, do you mind letting us know which Lomography product is your favorite and why?
I love LC-A the most because it produce stunning pictures and sharp images.

Check out their happening Lomo Matrix outing video and other gatherings!

Don’t forget to check out Shah Zurian’s awesome work at his blog and more Sarawak community movement at LomoHunter Sarawak

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