35mm Film Shelves


Yesterday, we told you about how cameras were upcycled into device chargers. Now, Argentinian artists Lucas Desimone and Matias Resich have found a way to upcycle what’s inside too. Check out these collapsible hanging shelves made with reused 35mm film strips!

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Photos via VU35

Pretty cool, huh? Since the plastic material film is made of is rather difficult to dispose of, we have to find creative ways to upcycle them. VU35, the company of Desimone and Resich, makes products created from wood and reused 35mm film, the first being a minimalistic collapsible bookshelf. Dubbed Filmantes, it uses strips of film to connect three wooden shelves.

Photos via VU35

They’re around $85 from the website but if you’re pretty handy with hardware, you can try constructing one yourself. VU35 shares some technical info and making-of photos although it might not be as easy as it looks.

Photo via VU35

For more info, visit VU35. Sourced from PetaPixel.

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