Vintage Street Scenes from Around the World

Through the decades, generations of photographers across the globe have been taking their cameras to the streets, making street photography one of the most prevalent themes today. With this in mind, Lomography has come up with the retro-styled La Sardina Splendour perfect for street snapping! Let’s get inspired with some interesting street scenes around the world, as snapped by LIFE photographers of yesteryears!

Boulevards, alleyways, ports, and marketplaces—all these immediately conjure images of places filled with interesting activity. Photography has made it possible for early photographers to immortalize such busy scenes of yester-decades, so future generations no longer have to rely on imagination.

Our generation of photographers have been likewise busy snapping away interesting streets, bustling marketplaces, transportation, and intriguing people, making street photography one of the most commonly pursued themes to this day. If you’re one of these avid street photographers and lomographers, allow us to inspire you with some vintage street snaps around the world from LIFE Photo Archive:

The snap-worthy streets of Paris, Berlin, Venice, New York, Manila, Pakistan, and Czechoslovakia many decades ago, through the lens of LIFE photographers Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt, William Vandivert, Walter Sanders, Peter Stackpole, James Burke, Carl Mydans, Ralph Morse, Yale Joel, William C. Shrout, Nina Leen, Andreas Feininger, Gjon Mili, and Herbert Gehr. Photos via LIFE Photo Archive Hosted by Google.

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