The Electronic Sunsets with the Yashica Electro GX


The Yashica Electro GX is a rare find. Dubbed as “the last electro rangefinder” this more compact version of the more famous Electro GSN packs a good punch of color and sharpness with every shot.

It’s those rare finds, in the rarest of times that really make the best experiences.

I rarely go to the City of Tabuk in Kalinga Province. But when I do, there is this thrift shop that makes the 12-hour trip worth it. The treasure hunt so far gave me this mint condition Yashica Electro 35 GX from the depths of the old camera piles. The price I got it for is so low, I might be murdered on the street by analogue camera enthusiasts and the condition it came in might cause a riot in the same crowd as well.

The GX has very limited press, that trying to google any reviews would give just two or three articles in the interwebs. Even here in, the GX is not very popular. But this certain rarity makes shooting (and finding it) a gem of an experience.

Based on reviews on the web, this little rangefinder is one of the best low lights cameras in the Yashica Electro series. It has an f1.7 40 mm copal leaf shutter lens giving a fast and quite wide angle view for a lens. It is aperture priority, meaning automatic shutter speeds, making every shot the right exposure based on the aperture you choose. This makes it really good in almost all light conditions, especially with fast film speeds of 400-1600. This however limits its shutter speed control for those special effect shots.

But like almost all reviews about it, this gives out the best sunset shots I’ve seen among rangefinder cameras.

Photos are shot using Lucky Super 200 and Kodak Ultramax 400 film, really showing that the range in film speeds would still yield good results.

Other light conditions, especially bright sunny days would give good color reproduction and I am yet to try this with slide films.

For now, this camera would be the good all around street shooter, with almost shoot first philosophy. The controls allow limited choices but assures you getting the right exposure all the time. This could be the camera you want hanging around your shoulder for the everyday grind.

If you find this camera, please make sure it ends in your wonderful photographic hands.

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  1. kiri-girl
    kiri-girl ·

    Nice pics! My best sunset shots are from a Yashica too :)

  2. ylanpalma
    ylanpalma ·

    Would like to see more sample photos.

  3. ylanpalma
    ylanpalma ·

    Would like to see more sample photos.

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