Singapore’s Most Active Newcomers of March 2012

Goodbye March 2012! Hello to of our most active newbies of the month in the Lomography Singapore Community! Read on to see their amazing analogue photos.

They may be fresh but they definitely know how to create wonderful analogue photos. So come and meet ten of our Most Active Newcomers from Singapore for March 2012. Don’t forget to say hello!

Credits: nocturnal
Credits: magtokidoki
Credits: wani-ology
Credits: hongwei
Credits: wingism
Credits: breezer22
Credits: profluere
Credits: meiyilmy
Credits: aawzysn
Credits: geekink

A big shout out to magtokidoki, wani-ology, hongwei, wingism, nocturnal, breezer22, profluere, meiyilmy, aawzysn and geekink.

Shoot more, upload more and get all your friends to join our awesome community! Have an awesome April everyone!

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