Sardine Population Could Be Declining


Poor fishy! Scientists warn of the collapse of the Pacific fishery due to the declining harvest of sardines. How will this agricultural change affect the production of our favourite seafood can camera, the La Sardina?

According to The Daily Astorian, two scientists have seen signs of the Pacific sardine population on its way to collapse – in part because of the Pacific Northwest fisheries that catch the oldest and largest fish.

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Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that marine scientists are calling on fishermen to cut back on forage fishing to let small, underdeveloped fish to grow before being caught.

The 2011 harvest guideline was 50,526 metric tons, compared to the 2010 guideline of 76,021 metric tons, representing a 61% decline. From 2000 to 2007, the harvest guideline averaged 135,049 metric tons.

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Sad that the poor man’s meal may be going extinct, but not the *La Sardina*!

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In fact, the La Sardina population is always growing and more will be swimming your way very soon. ;-)

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