A Box of Ten Photographs by Diane Arbus

From circus performers to her strange neighbors, Diane Arbus liked to capture the controversial as subjects. Check out these selected photos from A Box of Ten Photographs, her only portfolio which is now going for an estimated $400,000-600,000 from Sotheby’s. Buyer’s premium not included.

Yesterday, Sotheby’s presented an auction of selected photographs showcasing the versatility and artistic range of the medium and is expected to bring in a whopping $3.7-5.5 million.

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Part of this sale is A Box of Ten Photographs by Diane Arbus, the photographer’s only portfolio which she began before her suicidal death in 1971 and later completed by her estate.

The portfolio contains her most iconic images, including Identical Twins, A Family on their Lawn One Sunday in Westchester, and A Jewish Giant at Home with his Parents, all of which fall into Arbus’s fascination with the bizarre. It is going for an estimated $400,000-600,000.

Photos via huffingtonpost

If you don’t have six digits to spend on the auction, you can check out her new exhibition at Fotomuseum Winterthur in Switzerland until May 28.

Photos via huffingtonpost

Diane Arbus, an American photographer, began taking pictures in advertising and fashion in the 1940s. Her husband, Allan Arbus, was also a photographer. As her photographic career heightened, her marriage became a struggle and ended in 1969. Wretchedly, her recurring depression consumed her and she committed suicide two years later. She was 48 years young.”

Read more about Diane Arbus here.

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