Glenbrook Vintage Railway in Black and White

Just south of Auckland, New Zealand lies a fantastic trip out for the family. Glenbrook Vintage Railway is run by volunteers who operate a steam locomotive on weekends through October – June.

Credits: adam_g2000

Glenbrook Vintage Railway is a wonderful place to visit, with or without kids. Your ticket gives you a ride on the train, a journey that takes about 40 minutes, from Glenbrook to Waiuku and back. On the return trip, the train stops at the engine sheds where you can walk around at your leisure for 10 minutes.

Credits: adam_g2000

The volunteers, many of which have worked on the line since the project’s inception, 40 years ago, dress in appropriate costumes and have many interesting stories to tell. All are very approachable. I was even allowed in the signal box to shoot the signal levers and the train arriving.

Credits: adam_g2000

What makes the place so special for lomographers, is that there is something for everyone. I love taking pictures of things, still life, and abstracts of junk, rusty metal, engineering…

Credits: adam_g2000

…and I’m getting used now to portrait photography, the crew are very happy to be photographed, and love the retro look of Lomography cameras…

This chap was fascinated by the Lubitel I took this picture with, I made more than one friend that day!

Black-and-white photography really picks up the textures and gives these images an authentic retro feel.

For more information and to see visiting times and timetables, do visit this website

So Kiwis and any of you thinking about visiting New Zealand, plan a day out to Glenbrook, which film should you take, and which camera would best capture Glenbrook your way?

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