The Norisring is a non-permanent racing track in Nuremberg/Germany. That means this race is going to happen on normal streets which are closed for five days a year just to let race cars draw their lines in this historical part of Nuremberg.

First races took place in 1947, only two years after WW II. Because of having a huge motorbike industry around Nuremberg in that time first races were driven with motorbikes. Later cars followed and replaced the motorbike scene completely in the late 60`s. From touring cars up to formula cars and the so called prototypes, almost every race car trophy you might think about stopped somehow here. No, not f1, but all the others. Not for nothing Norisring is overwhelmed with compliments by spectators and drivers for being one of the best four race tracks in the world.

The layout really looks simple, three lines and four corners shared on 2,3 kilometers. But the special about is that you need to keep your brakes cool because braking from 280km/h to almost 40km/h (not only once!!!) is a hardness test for every brake existing on earth. Concentration is another one, once not concentrated enough, a little mistake and your follwer passed you immediately or you`ll crash into the wall or the guard railing. And of course the weather, normally it gets really hot at Norisring weekends and so the temperature in the cars will rise which gets you back to concentration. This year there was heavy rain which gets you back to concentration again…

But for you as a lomographer the surrounding is the most interesting, Cars, racedrivers and celebrities is what you can get really close to and shoot tons of film away. If you`re lucky you`ll get a VIPticket which allows you to enter the starting grid. There you`ll be as close you can`t get closer to the drivers and their cars But most interesting are the fans, dressed up sometimes strange, covered with autographs, in flags or even clothes of their favourite racing team. Kids are carrying with proud used race-tires away which were given away from the manufacturer. And as we are here in Bavaria you can satisfy your hunger with Bratwurst and have a cool beer afterwards (or even more, if you`re really into it). So bring your favourite camera, lots of film and shoot as hell!

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  1. grenoouille
    grenoouille ·

    No.17 with all the yellow guys around the car is amazing!!!
    Very interesting review Dirk!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    I was gonna say the same ! 17 kills !!! And there are a lot of other amazing shots in this gallery ! Congrats !

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