Expired Ferrania Solaris 100: For Shots Full of Life


Ferrania Solaris is a series of color negative films made by Ferrania in Italy. I recently bought a bunch of unmarked film canisters loaded with the 100 ISO variety that was recently expired. It’s been my default choice since.

Credits: nation_of_pomation

I bought a 16-pack of this film via Nic Nichols at Four Corners Dark (who has, sadly, run out it seems) and I’m down to only 3 rolls, but it might be my favorite color negative film for Lomo cameras of all time. I got it slightly expired, but I’ve kept it refrigerated and it has held up very well.

Stored properly, this film seems like it’d last for years. I’ve only used it expired, so I can’t really compare it to a “fresh” roll, but in my experience what I used was a perfect Lomo film. It’s not fancy like Ektar or Reala, but there’s something almost more appropriate about using a “cheaper” film in a plastic camera. The does well with greens and browns/tans, in my experience, and there’s really not a camera it’s a bad choice for. I just tend to like it in plastic cameras, since I shoot outside and f8 or f11 and 1/100th of a second with ISO 100 is going to be right on a bright day. Check out my examples to see what I mean.

Credits: nation_of_pomation

Anyone looking for a cheap outdoor film and can find it around (because I think it’s discontinued and probably will all be expired now), pick up some Ferrania Solaris 100. You’ll get plenty of life out of it!

written by nation_of_pomation on 2012-04-09 #gear #expired #35mm #review #color-negative #100-iso #ferrania #solaris


  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I love this film

  2. gibri
    gibri ·

    @superlighter we love ferrania films , very strong , unexpected results!

    the shot of the garden is wonderful!

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