The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

My university is one of the oldest public universities in the United States, and is certainly one of the prettiest. Click here to learn more about the historic school we call “Carolina”!

UNC-Chapel Hill first opened as a private university in 1795, and while this technically does not make it the first university to ever enroll students in the United States, it was chartered by the state of North Carolina as a public university in 1789, which makes it one of the first public universities in the whole country. The current university has a student body of about 30,000 and a very large campus. My favorite places to shoot on campus are The Pit/libraries, Coker Arboretum, Kenan Football Stadium, The Old Chapel Hill Cemetary, and Polk Place. Other campus landmarks include The Old Well, McCorkle Place, The Bell Tower, and the Dean Smith Center.

Credits: nation_of_pomation

As far as photography is concerned, the 729-acre campus is a great place. If you like candid/street photography, you can catch all sorts of different people doing all sorts of different things on the quads or in The Pit. Architecturally, the university is also very diverse, and you can find buildings in all sorts of styles. The odd arrangement of the buildings on campus also create a lot of different lighting situations throughout the day, which gives plenty of reason to visit a spot more than once. Our campus is also very naturalistic and has an arboretum and lots of small gardens and plenty of open green areas. You’ll run into at least one other photographer on any given day.

Credits: nation_of_pomation

If you’re ever touring the Southeast or are in the area for some reason, definitely take a chance to come visit! You won’t regret it, and you’ll get some good photos out of it.

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