Spring Fling Series 7: Terrigal

The beachside town of Terrigal is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. A romantic stroll along the beach eating ice cream, run up the Skillion to see the views from the top or taking a date to one of the many restaurants or bars in the area are just some of the many romantic things you could do in this little part of the world. Just don’t try to drive into Terrigal on a sunny Saturday morning or you’ll be gridlocked!

Terrigal was first settled in 1826 by a European settler who called his property “Tarrygal”, after the indigenous Aboriginal name, signifying ‘place of little birds’. The town’s long beach is highly popular with tourists. A local landmark is “The Skillion”, a cliff which provides a view of Terrigal. The Skillion is on a preserved area of land known as “The Haven”. The Haven also has a popular boat ramp, which is partnered by a diving club and a small number of restaurants and cafes.

In recent years, the council has spent approximately $3 million upgrading Terrigal’s CBD with a new multilevel car park, esplanade walkway, and other amenities. As a result of improved infrastructure and increased developer interest, Terrigal has become substantially more urban since the 1970s, when there was only one market, one medical center, and orchards in the area.

Terrigal’s growth as a tourist destination and investment opportunity for wealthy people such as holiday homes and small business, has had both positive and negative effects on the area such as the problem of traffic congestion and parking.

Some of the facts for this article were taken from the Wikipedia page for Terrigal.

Erin Woodgate is an Australian Lomographer who loves cupcakes and travels as much as possible. She always has her LC-A in her bag and treats Polaroid/Impossible film like treasure. The “Spring Fling series” highlights a bunch of romantic locations around the Central Coast of NSW, where Erin is from. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world you should definitely check out these locations, especially if the weather is good, like in spring!

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