Spring Fling Series 6: Sunset Seeking

The day is turning into night and you’re running out of time to find something romantic to do with your loved one. How about this for a date idea – sitting at the end of a jetty, watching the bright spring sunset go hiding over the hills. If you happen to be visiting a small town in the New South Wales Central Coast named “Long Jetty”, you’ll be able to do just that!

The area I grew up in surrounds the Tuggerah Lake, which means that there is a large range of activities to do all around it, when I was a kid, of course it was to go on the swings or play at the park; a little older and it was to sit and chat with friends at the tables and barbecues. A bit older, and it was to take the dog for a walk along the many paths leading along it, and now just to stroll along hand in hand with the boyfriend. Maybe even catch the sunset from one of the many vantage points.

One thing other than the lake itself, which links all these activities together is the pure beauty of the colors you’ll see in a clear day across the lake at any time of day, but especially at sunset. “Long Jetty”, named after the three jetties, which go out over the lake, is arguably one of the best places to do this as it goes out past the land onto the water, and you feel like you’re far away from everything, with only being a hundred meters or so.

So if you’re even visiting the area, at sunset, head out to one of the jetties, maybe throw a line in and try your luck at pulling out a fish or wait around a bit later and ask some locals if the prawns are running. Even if you go home with nothing but the lovely guy or gal you took with you, you’ll have some great memories and stories to tell.

Erin Woodgate is an Australian Lomographer who loves cupcakes and travels as much as possible. She always has her LC-A in her bag and treats Polaroid/ Impossible film like treasure. The ‘Spring Fling series’ highlights a bunch of romantic locations around the Central Coast of NSW, where Erin is from. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world you should definitely check out these locations, especially if the weather is good, like in spring!

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