Provincial Highway No.11: The Cool Blue Summer Highway


To me, the ocean is synonymous with traveling.

When traveling, I would like to visit places that have ocean views. Every ocean has its own charms. For example, seas of Orchid Island (Lanyu) is like a refreshing folk song, while the seas of Huatung is simple and serene, and the seas of Kenting is untamed and full of warmth.

How does your dream ocean look like?

Taiwan’s most beautiful cool blue summer highway, Provincial Highway No.11, aka Huatung Coastal Highway, starts from Hualien City and ends in Taitung City.

Traveling on this highway is an enjoyable experience with the soothing ocean breeze. We can chit chat all the way along the pencil-straight highway. The scenery is simple yet beautiful. We can hear the sounds of the wind and ocean whistling to our ears and our laughter never ends. We can stand on the rocky beach, looking out for fishing vessels. We took photos of brightly-painted houses and its chieftain, we captured shadows, oceans, and memories. It’s a red-hot summer on a cool-blue highway!

Provincial Highway No.11 from Hualien to Jhiben is a highway that connects Hualien to Taitung on the eastern part of Taiwan.

It starts from Hualien City of Hualien County in the north and ends in Taitung County’s Jhiben of Taitung City in the south. It spans 182.5km and it has three branch lines.

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