Spotted: Two Diana F+ Cameras On A Clothing Store's Billboard


As I was trying on a coat at a clothing store in Lisbon I looked to my left and I couldn’t believe my eyes: two different Diana F+ cameras were shown on a billboard! I took a photo and only afterwards did I realize there was another camera in it. Can you help me find out which camera it is?

Last week after having gone to over 9 different clothing stores to find a coat I liked, I was once again feeling the frustration as I tried on yet another jacket I didn’t like at the last clothing store of the mall. The only thing that built up my spirits? As I looked to my left, the billboard for the brand Zippy, at the children’s section of the store, had not just one, but two Diana F+ cameras!

I immediately took a few photos with my mobile phone. Here you can see a girl with a Diana F+ Mr. Pink hanging around her neck:

Here is a boy holding the Diana F+:

And here is the entire billboard:

It was only when was looking at the photos, after I had already left the mall, that I realized I had been so enthralled by the beauty of the Diana F+ cameras that I didn’t notice there was another boy in the billboard holding what seems to be another blue toy camera. There isn’t enough resolution on the photo for me to able to zoom in enough to understand if it is a Lomography camera or which camera it is. Judging by the color, maybe it is a Supersampler? What do you think?

I really want to know which camera it is but I don’t think I can go there again anytime soon. The store’s name is Modalfa and it is located in the Forum Sintra Mall in Rio de Mouro near Lisbon, so if you live nearby and happen to go there try to see if you can recognize the camera and write something in the comments below!

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  1. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    or maybe that will be........fisheye one pearl blue.What do you think?

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