Son of a King or Son of Diana?

2012-04-13 1

As the days go by, Lomography cameras are gaining massive popularity in Italy. I come across lomo cameras often in the media. Just a couple of days ago in fact, I spotted one in a music video. Who’s? Read on to find out.

Cesare Cremonini is an Italian singer who is popular with teenage girls.

Inspired by Bob Dylan, Cremonini has written “Figlio di un re” (Son of A King). The song’s about how love knows no social or cultural boundaries.

The music video for this song is a feat of editing and animation. It brings together past, present, and future without losing its contemporary edge. You’ll find our beloved Diana in one of the scenes. Just look out for it!

Credits: emanuele & tsingtao

Curious? Watch the video here

I’m not so hot about Cremonini’s music but this video’s cute.

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translated by webo29

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  1. fab
    fab ·

    Cesare Cremonini is an Italian singer who is popular with teenage girls.

    WHAT?!? Who told You that!

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