Dear Diana: Time Has Passed, We Have Changed, We Have Learned, But Your Are Still My Favorite One


If you’re old enough to remember when there was no email, then you’ll be able to know the true excitement of receiving a written letter in your mailbox. Getting a letter from someone you cared about was a big deal! Re-live those great memories after the jump…

My keyboard is my weapon of choice when it comes to writing anything for the Lomography Magazine, it doesn’t matter if it’s a news article, a lifestyle piece, a cool tipster or even a fascinating location, my keyboard is now used to my chubby fingers typing like there’s no tomorrow…

However, there was a time when writing was a much more personal task, keyboards were not accessible to everyone and email didn’t even exist.

What we now call snail mail was the only type of mail and that was the way you could send messages to your loved ones. If you’re old enough to remember those days, then you’ll definitely remember how cool it was to get a letter in your mailbox (yes those things outside your house that are now cluttered with useless junk gathering dust). Letters used to be personal, a real big deal and even a type of ritual: selecting the right paper, the type of writing device, the stamps, the envelope, etc.

Nowadays all that is pretty much lost, engulfed in this instant gratification world we leave in, where the digital gadgets and gizmos have us living at a super fast paced life and we are forgetting how things that take a bit more of time are much more delightful. So when I saw there was a request to write something on a regular piece of paper I turned on to my old friend..

I have to admit I always carry around two things in my bag, a Lomography camera and a small notebook and a pen to write down thoughts and quotes I hear people say around me. Since most of the times, that camera is my Diana, it turns out they both share long hours inside my bag, so I though to myself what better place to write an analogue letter to my Diana than my old notebook?

So I went outside to my terrace (taking advantage of the nice spring weather hitting Barcelona today) for a coffee and wrote a letter to my Diana.

This is what came out:

I invite you to try it. Trade your keyboard for a pen, even if it’s just for a little bit and write down your thoughts to someone you care about, it can be your friend, a family member or even your Diana camera…

Long live the analogue lifestyle!

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