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Here on Lomography, we’ve been seeing many different films with various interesting results, the rarest ones among the most memorable. This week’s featured film review tells about such film, the much sought-after colored infrared film called Kodak Aerochrome!

Our featured film review author has joined the ranks of the lucky few who have gotten their hands on Kodak Aerochrome, one of the rarest films a lomographer can try today. If this is your first time to encounter this film, aprilrich427 tells us in a nutshell what to expect from it:

This film yields awesome results such as bright blue water and red vegetation—a must have for an adventurous lomographer.

I don’t know about you, but that alone is enough to get me into hunting mode for this infrared film everywhere. But, as they say, “show, don’t tell,” so allow me to share with you some of our featured lomographer’s stunning snaps from this analogue jewel:

Those are definitely results that every adventurous lomographer is dying to get, don’t you think?

Want to see more of aprilrich427’s infrared photos? Head over to her full review to read and view more!

Congratulations, aprilrich427, your Kodak Aerochrome article bags the Film Review of the Week! We hope those are not the last of your groovy infrared snaps, and you can wow us with more in the future!

The next snapshooter who will bag the next Film Review of the Week distinction could be you! Submit your film review and wow us with your beautiful photos and helpful insights. In case yours isn’t on the list, feel free to let me know!

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