Time-Lapse Paper Portraits


Paper artist Ryuta Iida took these amazing time-lapse portraits over a span of minutes then revealed the layers of each moment, almost like rings on a tree trunk to tell how old it is. It’s a tedious and meticulous ambition which Ryuta was successful in making.

Photos via thiscolossal

Ryuta Iida has collaborated with artist Yoshihisa Tanaka on a project called “Nerhol” which includes 27 new works on view at “limArt” this moth. Part of the exhibition are these time-lapse portraits from the series, “Misunderstanding Focus.”

So how did he Iida do it?

Photo via thiscolossal

"At first glance it looks as though a photograph has been printed numerous times, layered and cut into a sort of sculptural topography, which would indeed be amazing enough, but Nerhol took things a bit further.

The numerous portraits are actually different, photographed over a period of three minutes as the subject tried to sit motionless, the idea being that it’s impossible to ever truly be still as our center of gravity shifts and our muscles are tense. The portraits are actually a layered lime-lapse representing several minutes in the subjects life and then cut like an onion to show slices of time, similar to the trunk of a tree."

Find out more about the project here.

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