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With yet another eye-catching addition to the Diana F+ family, we’re sure that many of you are also wondering about the results you can get when pairing the classy camera with various accessories. Our featured accessory reviewer for this week shares with us the perfect partners for the iconic Diana F+ and its equally classy clones!

Those who own a Diana F+ are aware that there are tons of creative options possible when shooting with the analogue beauty, thanks to the array of accessories compatible with the Diana cameras. This means that the Diana is no longer limited to its default format (120 films), but also 35mm. How is this possible? With the Diana 35mm Back+!

However, with experimentation comes uncertainty and sometimes disappointments, and our featured lomographer ululchen has been well aware of that. Shooting with the Diana 35mm Back+ has led to disappointments for some because of the difference between what you see on the viewfinder as compared to the actual photo. Her solution? Use the Diana+ 38mm Super Wide Angle Lens along with the Diana 35mm Back+!

In my experience, what you get on your 35mm film corresponds fairly well to what you see in the viewfinder (I always use the 33×48 mm mask so that the sprocket holes are exposed as well).

Our accessory reviewer backs up her solution with beautiful monochromes that actually speak for themselves. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Photos by ululchen

So, if you’re planning to grab a Diana F+ or any of her eye-catching clones, you might want to read ululchen's full review if you’re also planning to go 35mm with the medium format beauty!

Congratulations, ululchen, for winning the Accessory Review of the Week! Your tip is definitely a helpful and useful one, and we hope you’ll continue coming up with more ways to shoot with the Diana F+!

The next snapshooter who will bag the next Accessory Review of the Week distinction could be you! Submit your accessory review and wow us with your beautiful photos and helpful insights. In case yours isn’t on the list, feel free to let me know!

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