The Analogue Walks of LomoAmigo Felipe 'Flip' Yung

With more than 18 years of being immersed in the art world, the Brazilian Felipe Yung A.K.A Flip, began his work on the streets of São Paulo doing graffiti. We hit a chat with Flip as he finished the mounting of its latest exhibition, held in MUBE (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture). Read on to learn more about one of the biggest names of Brazilian street art.

With the time your vision and activities have expanded to various areas such as design, illustration and fine arts. In the video, you can discover a little more about the history and interests of this cool LomoAmigo. And it’s also an opportunity for you to improve your Portuguese. :)

In the photo gallery below, you can see the results as he rolled through the city of Rio de Janeiro using the La Sardina Camera.

For the Hentai Exhibition that happened in MUBE, Flip studied and researched a lot about the japanese art and her realtion with the erotism. He said that the erotic work by not having many rules just inhibiting people’s time to create, and for this exhibition the proposal was just the opposite. “In this exhibition, I tried to make explicit work, sometimes it’s almost border on the bizarre, with monsters, texture and dirt, which to some may seem too much.” jokes the artist.

The idea for the expo came up last year. After making a small exhibition of works in the London gallery called Pure Evil, which has a more underground vibe, he received the invitation of the MUBE museum to exhibit his work . From there, he stepped up production and expanded its work to sculptures, installations, in addition to paintings, sketch books and drawings on the walls of the museum.

Here are the photos taken during the opening party of the Hentai exhibition:

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translated by caioantunes

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