For years the lost city of Atlantis has been…well, for the lack of a better word, lost, but historians, scientists, and everyday folks have always been on the lookout for possible remnants of what’s believed to be one of the most advance civilizations in the ancient world, and now, can we safely assume that it has finally been found?

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From books, movies, paintings, to a full-length Disney movie (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) starring Michael J. Fox as the lead character, Milo; Atlantis has always fascinated the curious minds of many. A seemingly utopian society first mentioned in Plato’s dialogues “Timaeus and Critias”, written in 360BC.

Old world scholars have long debated on the actual existence of the island, which was believed to have been a tragic victim of a tsunami, thousands of years ago. But in spite of all the gossip surrounding it, present-day scholars, scientists, and explorers haven’t given up hope of finally being able to find it. (Perhaps even locate in Google Map?)

While most scientists and scholars have been hounding the likes of Europe to search for it, it was definitely a historic discovery when a group of “artistas” (celebrities in English) chanced upon what seemed to be the lost city of Atlantis during the shooting of the remake of Temptation Island (You Tube it film fans!).

Local celebrities Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera were fighting over local matinee idol Dingdong Dantes (Rivera’s longtime paramour) when their boat tipped over and they ended up squabbling under water. In the midst of their cat fight, the two found themselves surrounded by artifacts covered with disgusting algae. Terrified, the two quickly swam up where curious locals hovered around them hoping a piece of gossip to post on Twitter.

In the midst of all sillyness and childish behavior, local officials who were trying to break the cat fight caught sight of the mysterious remnants nearby and decided to have a “look-see”. This eventually led to what locals likened to the lost city of Atlantis. A city washed away from old Europe all the way to Southeast Asia thousands of years ago.

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  1. carmel2011
    carmel2011 ·

    Ok I have a thery I believe it is possable that all the places that everyone is looking at as Atlantis may be right is it so imposable to believe that there was more then one? they all fit the guide lines we have hundreds of cities around the world and they were all learing how to build the same things and all show to be in the same timeline. just a thought maybe you all need to talk it over together and share your data.

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