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It’s time to announce our Tipster of the Week! This week’s article deals with going back to the basics. A good way to improve our techniques when shooting in analogue. Find out today’s Tipster article highlight after the break.

Credits: adam_g2000

Surely, we’ve already learned a lot from all the Tipsters that the community members submit on the Magazine. It’s a good practice to look back at the basics once in a while in order to improve our techniques. This week, we found an informative article submitted by one of our members.

“There are three things that have to happen to capture a photograph, any photograph be it film or (dun dun dahhhhh…) digital. You must provide a hole for light to get onto a light sensitive medium. This is aperture. You must have a medium for the light to change. This is film. You must expose said medium to the light for a given amount of time. This is exposure time.”

Congratulations to adam_g2000 for bagging 10 Piggies for this wonderful article. Read the full article : Back to Basics: Film 101.

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    Wow thanks!

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    congrats @adam_g2000

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