A Nice Little Walk in the Chinese University of Hong Kong

When I studied there, I used to have nice walks in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. With its spectacular view over the Tolo Harbour and with its combination of nature and architecture, it is a wonderful place to capture the beauty of nature under different times of the day and different seasons of the year on film.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong is one of the oldest universities in Hong Kong. Its campus can be considered as the biggest and greenest in Hong Kong with over 20,000 students. According to their official website, each year they have over 3,000 students coming from regions outside HK.

It is located beside the beautiful Tolo Harbour and away from urban areas. However, travelling to CUHK is very convenient as you can simply take the MTR to the University Station, and there it is. Since the campus occupied nearly 140 hectares, you might need to take the shuttle bus provided to travel within the campus.

But I’ve always preferred to walk because of the beautiful scenery.

The buildings are scattered over the slope of the hill, therefore, you can have very different views of the campus at different locations. There is the main campus where major buildings and major events are being held with different colleges situated on higher or lower ground surrounding the main campus. The campus is still expanding with new building being in construction. Therefore, the scenes of it are changing day by day. But each of them is so unique and special.

The University Library

Science Centre

Run Run Shaw Science Building

New Asia College and United College are situated up the hill, while Chung Chi College is down the hill and next to the train station.

The Chapel at Chung Chi College.

The beautiful garden at Chung Chi College is my favorite pathway to walk down the hill to the MTR station, especially around sunset.

The fountain under the sunlight is so stunningly beautiful. In summer, there will be a lot of lotuses in the pool.
Walking along the little path, which is surrounded by trees and flowers, makes you feel very refreshing.

At CUHK, there are always so many flowers blooming to catch the focus of your eyes.

And I also love to take photos of the trees there.

It is really a wonderful place to walk around and appreciate the beautiful scenery created by the combination of time, weather, season, nature, and architectures.Next time, when you come to Hong Kong, why not come to have a walk in The Chinese University of Hong Kong? You will certainly have a new and different impression of Hong Kong.

How to get there:
Take the MTR to the University Station.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chinese University of Hong Kong - Wikipedia

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