Heading out to Esplanade Tanjung Api


Esplanade Tnjung Api is the latest attraction in Kuantan. It also allows the best time for you to have quality time with your loved ones.

Esplanade Tanjung Api is a beautiful place to visit. It’s the best place to enjoy an evening with your loved ones. Whether it’s with family, your lover or your friends. The scenery is so beautiful. Across the esplanade you can see Tanjung Lumpur’s fishing village which is another great place to visit. But firstly, let’s talk about Esplanade Tanjung Api.

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It’s located next to Taman Gelora so you can walk from Taman Gelora straight to Esplanade Tanjung Api while enjoying the sea breeze and the soft sand engulfing you to another dimension; far, far away from your problems. :) Seriously, it’s true. Just close you’re eyes and imagine yourself there. If you walk down the esplanade, you can visit some fishermens’ boats but please be friendly and ask whether you can enter their boat or not. We ourselves hate someone who doesn’t ask permission first, right? You can take pictures of the boat or those who are fishing around. There are a lot of people trying their luck there. :)

Credits: analogmonolog

I think the best time to visit Esplanade Tanjung Api is during sunset. This is because it’s located opposite to the horizon where the sun goes down. You’ll able to witness the beauty of the sunset there. The colorful sky, the golden light, the flying birds going back home, etc. Why don’t you give it a try and visit Esplanade Tanjung Api?

*PS: Sorry I don’t have any photos of the sunset there yet. I’ve always had bad luck.

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