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Who’s in the mood for some bit of exploring? Our Locations Feature of the Week will definitely inspire you to get off your butt and do your bit of traveling.

Photo by dikasapi

Exotic locations always makes for interesting article and photography subjects, just take a look at dikasapi's article on the famous temples in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Rich in history and local culture, this city is also well-known for being the center of Javanese fine art and culture (puppet shows, ballet, batik, music, poetry etc.) For his Locations feature, dikasapi opted to put the focus on the Plaosan Templex Complex along with the other temples that can be found all over Yogyakarta.

He shares, “Two weeks ago, my friends and I visited and hunted for photos of many temples in Yogyakarta. We got bored while visiting Prambanan Temple, so I asked my friends ‘Hey, what if we take a look at another temple around here?’ After visiting Prambanan Temple, you should not rush to your hotel, because just nearby is a beautiful Hindu temple, plus other interesting temples. Moving 1 kilometer northwards, you will find Plaosan Temple; a temple constructed by Rakai Pikatan for his wife, Pramudyawardani. The architect of the temple that is from Bugisan Village in Prambanan’s sub-district, which is a combination of Hindu and Buddha.”

If ever you’re planning to go to Indonesia and you’re interested in more than just the fine sands of Bali, then do schedule a trip to Yogyakarta, and make sure to have your cameras – and lots of films in tow!

Photo by dikasapi

With the summer season fast approaching, it definitely makes for a very opportune time to head out to Yogyakarta, immerse yourself in some local culture, and be snap-happy, just like dikasapi.

See his article in full here

Photo by dikasapi

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