Spring Fling Series 4: Picnics

If you love a good picnic then I’ll break out the basket, I’m taking you on a romantic outing that everyone can enjoy. Sunset, the beach, and some fish and chips are what I’m bringing, you just bring that romantic bone in your body and we’ll have a great time!

Here on the east coast of Australia, the coastline just flows with sandy beaches for what seems like forever. Want to make that person you love, love you just that little bit more? Research on where people think the best fish and chips are from in the area or pack a picnic and find a spot just for yourselves!

This gorgeous stretch of coastline is a place where even in my 20+ years of living on the Central Coast, I have never visited before. We brought along some things that made us happy (our matching Australia/Canadian flag beach towels) and had a chat while eating some of our favorite food!

Erin Woodgate is an Australian Lomographer who loves cupcakes and travels as much as possible. She always has her LC-A in her bag and treats Polaroid/Impossible film like treasure. The ‘Spring Fling series’ highlights a bunch of romantic locations around the Central Coast of NSW, where Erin is from. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world you should definitely check out these locations, especially if the weather is good, like in spring!

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