Tarzan – The Truth About The King Of The Jungle

There is only one true king of the jungle: Tarzan. Due to his 100th birthday, Walde-und-Graf republishes three of 24 Tarzan-books. Already forgotten secrets will be revealed! Read on to get to know the truth about Tarzan…

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In the yeah 1912 the “All-Story Magazine” published the first story about Tarzan, who still is a hero for many children. This year Walde-und-Graf republishes three Tarzan-classics. While reading the story, you will be kind of surprised because these storyies have not much in common with the famous Tarzan-movies. In contrast to the adaptation with Johnny Weissmüller and Lex Barker or the Disney-version from 1999, there is a much more brutal atmosphere.

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Everyone knows the beginning of the story… Tarzan got born in a small shack apart from any civilization. Shortly afterwards, his parents were dying, whereupon he was going to be raised from Kala – a monkey. From that moment on, the original story differs from the movie versions. In the books, Tarzan is characterized as a wild animal, which only survived because he killed his enemies (both: animals and human beings). However, he didn’t kill because of murderous intends, but always with a good reason – like animals do.

In the movie version with Johnny Weissmüller, Tarzan calls for his friends; in the book he cheers of triumph after killing someone.

Although the content of the original story is very brutal, the books and translations are perfectly written in a polished style.

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We were inspired by the German article “Zickenkrieg im Dschungelcamp” on orf.at

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