Tipster of the Week: Film Should Not Hate Me!


She knows a lot about manipulating films and how to use them creatively, but Eggzakly succumbed to her undying curiosity and took things further with this experiment!

Film Must Hate Me, Too! by eggzakly

In the spirit of lomosexual_manboy’s tipster from a while back, Film Must Hate Me! Xpro & Redscale & Doubles, I decided to try to take it just a step further.

I think about the only thing I hadn’t seen done yet is redscaled negative film cross processed in e6. My immediate expectation was that the redscale combined with the typical blue shift of cross processing in e6 just might end up a big, ugly mess! But for the sake of curiosity, I decided to give it a go anyway.

For ease and comfort, I decided on a roll of Agfa Portrait XPS (220, 160 iso) I had in my fridge. I loaded it in my Holga 120N, pulling the lead from the back of the roll so the exposures would come out redscaled, then took it to the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen. After finishing the first set of exposures, I decided to add a little spice and run the film through the camera again for a second set of exposures, this time not redscale.

I took the film to my usual lab with the instructions to process in e6 and push two stops to increase contrast (which is necessary when cross processing in e6).

And happy, happy me! The reds and oranges of the redscaled exposures are as vibrant as ever, the non-redscaled ones add purple and pinkish hues, and it all actually meshes quite well together. I think this little twist on redscale adds a bit of freshness, and I might actually try it again!

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  1. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    cool! doing the same to my overdue sensia now :)

  2. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    would definitely love to try this sometime...

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Genius tip ! I'm greatly inspired now ! Thanks so much, I'll try it for sure !!!!

  4. megaman49
    megaman49 ·

    @Eggzaktly How did you know when you are on the next frame with 220 film since you have to tape over the window?

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