Everything Will Be Okay


We all have those days when we feel like crap and everything that could go wrong does go wrong. It’s a reality of our mortality which filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt reveals in his film, “Everything Will Be Okay.” In this 2D combo of stick drawings and 35mm filmography, he animates these sigh-inducing slices of life.

What are we born into this world for? So we can problematize our existence and worry about our being? Find out as you go on a 2D journey with Bill, the main character in Don Hertzfeldt’s existentialist short film.

Screenshots of “Everything Will Be Okay” via bitterfilms

Nina Maclaughlin of the Boston PhoenixIn says about the film, “A stick figure enacts quotidian rituals—fruit buying, commuting—with a growing sense of ennui, existential angst, and eventually insanity. It’s hellish and moving, too.”

We couldn’t agree more! Watch the 17-minute short that uses a traditional antique 35mm animation stand (one of the few still in existence) and combines it with digital manipulations and trick photography.

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Created in 2006, Hertzfeld’s film has been viewed around the world and has received numerous accolades, including Best Short Film (Jury Prize) at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Who knows, maybe your LomoKino movies could make it onto the big screen too!

Photo via bitterfilms

Catch screenings of Hertzfeldt’s films as he brings them around America. Visit Bitter Films for more info.

PS: Tomorrow is just another day and everything will be okay.

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