A Very Special Lomography Gallery Store Opening!


This month, Lomography will be opening a new and very extraordinary gallery store in a special location. Find out more after the break!

Image via Travelpod

In a few more weeks, Lomography will be opening a new gallery store in a location considered as the world’s smallest island – Bishop Rock. Bishop Rock is a small rock located near the Isles of Sicily. The island is known for having an empty lighthouse standing 49 meters tall. Now you might be asking how you can go to the island and visit the store. Lomography has a row boat that will take you directly to Bishop Rock!

More details:

  • The row boat only travels to the island once a month, so be sure to pack a bag of clothes when you visit!
  • The Spinner Motorizer will be used to project a LomoWall at night. Imagine looking out at sea and viewing your photos suspended in mid-air!
  • Special activities like the “Lomo Scavenger Hunt” await those who visit the store! Find the hidden treasure chest to win a special edition camera!
  • Take the LomoSubmarine to view the underwater photo gallery featuring a wide selection of photos from the community!
Images and Photos via Wikimedia, SnarkyBytes and WiseStars

We won’t reveal more details before the grand opening. You’ll just have to stay tuned to know more about this exciting event!

Get more details on the opening of the new Lomography Gallery Store!

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