Film Photography Project Featured the LomoKino

Michael Raso from Film Photography Podcast on Youtube, made a nice video about the LomoKino, where he talks about the product. Also, a couple of tips and tricks can be found in the video.

In it’s latest video posted on the Youtube channel of the Film Photography Project, Michael Raso talks for about 12 minutes about the LomoKino, a film-based movie maker and one of Lomography’s nicest products.

Michael Raso, the founder of the podcast, also talks about another nice product, the Fritz the Blitz flash, and how to use it in combination with the Lomokino.

The Youtube Podcast also includes a couple videos about the Diana, Holga, and other film cameras, different film formats, and plenty of Polaroid clips. The Projects page can be found really easy on Youtube, simply by typing filmphotographytube in the search bar and pressing ‘enter’.

Here’s the direct link to the LomoKino video

The Film Photography Project also has an internet radio show, which is downloadable from iTunes, Podbean or directly from

Thanks a lot Michael and keep up the good work.

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