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If you could take a famous photographer’s picture, who would you shoot? Annie Leibovitz, Cindy Sherman, Thomas Struth? Abe Frajndlich shot all of the above and then some. If you’re in Cleveland, there’s an exhibition of his work that you shouldn’t miss.

ABE FRAJNDLICH Cindy Sherman (NYC), 1987

What does it take to lure a photographer from behind the camera? Ask German/American photographer Abe Frajndlich, he knows, considering he’s been doing so since the 70s. His current exhibition at Tregoning & Company in Cleveland Ohio is a celebration of his publication, Penelope’s Hungry Eyes which contains over a hundred of these photographer’s portraits.

ABE FRAJNDLICH Dennis Hopper Cactus (Venice,CA), 1988
ABE FRAJNDLICH Ilse Bing (NYC), 1986

Frajndlich’s work represents a who’s who of the photographic world in recent years. The title, whilst also referencing Homer’s Odyssey stresses the insatiable need to photograph experienced photographers. Hence the title, Hungry Eyes.

ABE FRAJNDLICH David Hockney, 1997
The ultimate shot from the hip! ABE FRAJNDLICH Self-Portrait (London), 1972

Are your eyes hungry for some photographer portraits? Yes? The exhibition is open until the end of April. If you’re in the vicinity, don’t miss it.

Tregoning & Company
1300 W 78th St # 3 Cleveland, OH 44102
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