Meet Lomography Singapore Community Star #7: awesomesther


We are shining the spotlight on some of Singapore’s most popular and awesome community members. Awesome indeed… this is awesomesther!

Credits: awesomesther

Name: Esther Lee
LomoHome: awesomesther
Occupation: Curently a Learning and Development Consultant (Outdoor Camp Trainer)
LomoAge: 1.5 years

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am quite a simple person, or at least I want to be. I just want to go through each day happy and hopeful for the next. Yes, I am a Sagittarius, and Sagittarius has the tendency to be (blindly) optimistic at times. I’m looking to meet people with common interests from all over the world. I want to travel the world, and own all the (film) cameras there is to own.

Now, I think to sum it up, I am quite a greedy person aren’t I?

Credits: awesomesther

How many Lomography cameras do you have in your collection?
I’ve not been counting! I think I’ve had a lot of Lomography cameras till date, I sold some of them (sadly) but I do still have more than a handful. The lovely Diana F+ is my first love (you can read about my love story from my Lomohome), Colorsplash Chakras, Actionsampler, Lomokino, Spinner 360, and the Sprocket Rocket is my latest addition.

Credits: awesomesther

We’re sure it’s hard to pick one, but which Lomography camera is your all time favourite? And which camera is on your wishlist right now?
I will always choose Diana F+, it has always been a favorite although I may keep it in the closet for a little longer than I wish to. The LC-A+ has always been on my wishlist, like ever since the beginning of time! (hahahah!) but seriously, if I could have a gift, I think I would pick that! Or maybe a Horizon Perfekt this is the curse of Lomographers, we can never have enough. :P

Please share with us your top 3 favourite shots (taken by yourself of course) ever, and tell us a bit about each photo.

Credits: awesomesther

This photo was taken on my first trip to Vietnam. Over there, people are really quite shy and I find their way of life very simple and very different from Singapore, so I thought they would make great stories for my photos, and this one was a lucky shot really but it shows how they stayed steadfast when all is moving around them.

Credits: awesomesther

One of my first rolls, and this is the first roll of slide film; I was so excited when the photos came back. This always reminded me of that feeling.

Credits: awesomesther

Of course, I had to include a photo taken by my all-time favorite camera! This is a simple photo, just black and white but the way it turned out just makes me want to look at it over and over again.

What do you like about the Lomography community?
I love the openness of everyone. Instead of being paranoid and afraid like most of the photography community, Lomograpers aren’t afraid to share their tips and tricks with everyone. And, everyone seems to get along just about well with everyone else. Having a platform where we can share photos, discuss and blog all in the same place is just AWESOME! It has made me many new friends from all parts of the world!

As a Lomography Singapore Community Star, do you want to share any advice or tips for Lomographers out there?
I am still reeling over being part of this! But really, just go out there and shoot. After a while (some may take longer than others), you will find your style, how and what you like to shoot. Most important of all, if shooting makes you happy like it makes me, just keep shooting! Film is forever!!!

Credits: awesomesther

Lomography Singapore Community Stars is a magazine series devoted to highlighting some of our most popular, famous, active and awesome community members in the Singapore community. Join our passionate community today!

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  1. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    @awesomesther You are awesome!!!

  2. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    HAHAHA nice... I got published on April's Fool :p
    And thank you @cutebun :D

  3. hairil
    hairil ·

    Woohoo! You're now on the global Lomography map! Congratulations! Lomo on!

  4. kiwikoh
    kiwikoh ·

    Ha! Hello my awesome friend!

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  6. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Keep on been Awesome @awesomesther ! :D

  7. hakimbo05
    hakimbo05 ·

    Stay Awesome @awesomesther!

  8. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    Thank you! @hairil @kiwikoh @rav_bunneh @lawypop @hakimno05 :D

  9. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    so you got a new job @awesomesther nice! let's do some doubles again. i'll be back in SG soon. :)

  10. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    @antibiotyx Yes! new job! okok! let me know when you will be in SG!

  11. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Congrats Esther! :D

  12. camelottezz
    camelottezz ·

    Hi, i m from Paris.I ll be in Singa from the 21st to the 24th of May 2012.I m used to going to every Lomography Gallery store when i travel.
    It would be cool to meet some lomographers!!
    Just let me know if you are interested to meet me and tour a bit with id be very please.

    Cam Linh from Paris

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