The Sizzling Sahara on Film

No, this isn’t about the recently defunct hotel-casino in Las Vegas Strip. Rather, it’s about the great desert that spans most of Northern Africa, and the subject of many
works of art and literature. Learn more about one of Lomography’s latest inspirations after the jump!

When we speak of the world’s most arid deserts, the first that comes to mind is the massive Sahara Desert. The mere mention of its name, which aptly means “The Great Desert” in Arabic, is enough to make one conjure images of a scorching, endless expanse, with sizzling and shifting sands and dizzying mirages.

The Sahara Desert covers an area of a whopping 9,400,000 square kilometers, making it the world’s biggest hot desert, and the largest desert second to Antarctica. As such, it spans across several countries throughout the Northern African continent, including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco.

Not many get the chance to see and all the more experience Sahara, but thanks to our brave and adventurous lomographers, we can take a look at some beautiful snapshots from the Moroccan, Algerian, and Tunisian sides of the great desert on film:

Credits: hirocielo, suepop & jelga

Despite its arid climate, the Sahara is not totally devoid of life. Aside from the flora and fauna typically found in deserts (camels, certain species of antelopes and foxes, scorpions, and several hundred plant species), its most habitable areas have been home to many ancient and modern civilizations. Read about the Saharan adventures of our very own lomographer, -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-, during his trip to the southeastern Moroccan village of Merzouga.

Because of its sheer immensity and harsh climate, the great desert has been the subject of many works of art, literature, and music throughout its history. Lomography has recently found inspiration in the massive African sandland, and came up with the Diana F+ Sahara. The khaki-clad Diana F+ is decorated with printed leather featuring palms and pyramids, and is sure to delight every adventurous analogue nomads out there!

Go ahead and check out the Diana F+ Sahara in the Lomography Shop!

If the newest Diana F+ has gotten you wanting to try shooting in the desert or somewhere summer-y and sunshiny, you might want to check out this Desert Photography Tipster!

All information for this article were taken from Sahara on Wikipedia.

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