An Introduction: Gic's Traveling to the Majestic North Series


You’ve already seen the first part of his big northern adventure, and with a couple more in the works, let’s first get to know the community member behind this picture-perfect locations series!

Name: Gic Aquino
Location: Manila, Philippines
LomoHome: imnotgic
Series/Section: Traveling to the Majestic North

It hasn’t been a year yet since I got into Lomography but from the time I started, I haven’t stopped experimenting and sharing my fondness for traveling both around my country and Asia. Along the way, I figured that taking analogue memories to film on my escapes would speak loudly of the wonders that my own country has to offer, aside from other goings-on in nearby countries.

As a first timer to visit the northern reaches of Ilocos, I brought along my LC-A+ to my journey, loading it with Kodak Ektachrome E100GX films. Being divided into two parts: Ilocos Norte (North) and Ilocos Sur (South), both places hold unique and unexploited wonders waiting to be discovered. Having to start somewhere in the middle, Laoag City marks as the perfect starting point to my discovery of the majestic north.

Credits: imnotgic

The second installment in my travel series was a whole day of snapping and reloading as I was blown away by breathtaking sites that I have only seen in postcards and other travel blogs. I got to stop by a long snakelike bridge, climb caves, and huge seaside boulders, discover the biggest wind turbine in Asia, and got the feel of the fine white sand between my toes.

Credits: imnotgic

A time warp experience is what I would best describe my last destination on my travel to Ilocos. Having replicas of century-old houses from museums in Manila and Intramuros, being in Calle Crisologo in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur was a whole different story. This I would say is where two periods blend in harmony: the past and the present. Aside from culture and art discoveries, I even got to mingle with free-strolling animals, which is not far from the area.

Credits: imnotgic

Sharing this experience in analogue is a guilty pleasure, being a newbie-on-fire for Lomography. I do hope that this would inspire you to visit and appreciate the wonders of what the Philippines has to offer: the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Credits: imnotgic

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