UK CitySlicker Sam: The Best and Most Fashionable Shop in Oxford


Unicorn is a small shop on Ship Street and is a treasure trove of all the clothes you wanted but never bought. An ideal place to hunt for fancy dress costume parts, too!

Name: Sam Fletcher
Age: 19
University: Trinity College
City/Country: Oxford, UK

Asking me about fashion is like asking a native Amazonian tribesman about his favourite Tapas bar. Therefore, advice I give on the matter should really be accompanied with a large bucket of salt and preferably something alcoholic as well. So when this month’s task came though and was to write about fashion in Oxford I had no idea where to begin. I thought it wold be good to try and learn something about it though and I went exploring. For your delight and delectation I, being a metaphorical rabbit, dived headlong into a burrow, and although I dirtied my fluff white tail I have emerged (somewhat) enlightened.

(106 words and I haven’t actually said anything yet, this is going well.)

The city has a ripe crop of mainstream clothing brands, but none of those are of much interest to me. “Oh you’re a trendy shop are you? Why does that mean you have to turn all the lights off and make people choose their clothes in almost complete darkness? Why not go the whole hog, have an enormous boulder for a door and give out head torches to all your customers?” All the big brands seem to have a home here, either on or near the “High” (secret student code for the High Street) – if you like your Levi’s, require Reiss, or want White Stuff then you’ll be happy.

Credits: bertie

But the single best shop in the whole city is Unicorn. (Bear with me here.)

Credits: bertie

The shop is run by a lady called Eva Bedley and it is literally jam packed with clothes. And when I say literally, I do genuinely mean it’s full to the brim. If you go in through the front door you can only get to the front half of the shop, there’s no way to push past/through/climb over so if you want something from the back you’ll have to go in via the shed.

Want something vintage, formal, casual or quirky, Eva’s got you covered. The only flaw in writing about her fantastic shop is she doesn’t really like photos – so although I did ask if she’d mind having her photo taken she politely declined – but here are a few rails of clothes instead, look how amazing it is.

Credits: bertie

So next time you’re out looking for a new get-up or a Professor Plum costume for a boardgames fancy dress party go to Unicorn, on Ship Street. Plus both cafes either side of it do wicked breakfasts.

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  1. discojunk1128
    discojunk1128 ·

    It was only last week that I visited Oxford for the first time, and Unicorn was by far my favourite part. It reminded me of the vintage stores in Paris, where clothes are stacked so high you can barely stretch your arms apart without touching anything! A great store and a lovely lady who served me! I'll definately be going back!

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