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David Bowie in a tube top? Vincent Capretta in heels? Okay, the latter’s not so unusual but check out these totally random anatomy collages assembled from vinyl album covers by Swiss-American visual and musical artist Christian Marclay. Read to find out more about his latest exhibition.

Photo via flavorwire

Trompe l’oeils—extremely realistic imagery that create optical illusions—are our kind of mind-benders. Multimedia artist Marclay (videographer, DJ, visual artist, composer, etc.) took the concept to another level with his vinyl sleeve art. Crossing genres, he combines various album art to create weird figures and stitches them together with string.

Photos via flavorwire

Pretty funny, eh? The only thing that would make this art initiative even better is if it came with killer mash-ups of songs from the vinyls put together!

The artist and his installation, “2882 Records.” Photos via mca and thefader

Marclay’s latest and most talked about work to date is something you shouldn’t miss. Showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia starting March 29 is The Clock, “the most staggering, complex thing made by any artist so far this century,” according to Adrian Searle of the Guardian. Marclay was awarded the Golden Lion for best artist at last year’s 54th Venice Biennale for this piece.

Visit MCA for more info on The Clock, on view until June 3, 2012.

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